Fusilli Sorrento


This premium Fusilli Sorrento PGI made in Gragnano, with its characteristic coarse and especially elongated spaghetti like texture but with a shape that can be traced back to classic Gragnano fusilli but with a less round shape and much more similar to traditional short fusili. With exclusively Italian ingredients and following a rigorous process that guarantees its unique and inimitable quality, it will bring a pinch of Italy to the table. The best dry pasta, to be tried with meat sauce, like grandma?s!

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This beautiful, long fusilli pasta is lovely in the plate and perfect for any sauce.

La Fabbrica della Pasta has been making pasta for three generations in Gragnano, a small town nestled in the hills near Naples, famous for its pasta production for over 500 years. Pasta from Gragnano is very special: made with local spring water and high-protein Durum wheat which helps keep the pasta al dente, then extruded through a bronze die, giving the pasta a porous texture that helps it bind with sauce, and dried slowly at a low temperature.

La Fabbrica della Pasta is amongst 12 remaining pasta makers in the region (down from the original 300), and became the very first pasta factory in the world to obtain IGP (Protected Geographical Origin) certification for its pasta. They were also the first pasta factory in Gragnano to make a bronze extruded artisanal gluten free pasta.

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Durum wheat semolina, water




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