Our Story....Our Mission

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Nando's Italian Kitchen

Our story really started centuries ago with the fall of the Roman Empire.  Many different cooking variations, techniques and preparations were formed at that time.  Over the years those expanded throughout the regions and thus Italian cuisine evolved into one of the “richest” cuisines ever.  Special dishes and methods were attributed to the influence of surrounding countries such as France and Central Europe.  Every region of Italy was known for a special cuisine transforming the term “regional cuisine” because basic foods and spices were available throughout those regions.

North of Italy is known for risottos while northeast Italy is known for multi-cultural food.  Central Italy is known for tortellini and the south (Naples) is known for pizzas.

From there, Italian cuisine evolved over the ages with preservation methods since refrigeration did not exist.  Italian cuisine is one of the most “authentic” cuisines ever introduced to the world.  There are unique flavors with the introduction of spices into the dish and only Italians can do spices right!!

Nando’s Italian Kitchen carries on that tradition of authenticity, uniqueness, and classic Italian cooking to give that rich delicious taste that we always keep in mind whether it is in our preparation, cooking or development of new recipes.  We will take some traditional dishes and leave them alone or we will add our “twist to the dish” to further enhance the flavor we all want and deserve!  One of our many “twists” is the development of our traditional spaghetti sauce with a thought-out mix of Italian sausages and spices…we really seemed to “nail it” with or without sausage and the feedback has been tremendous.  CLASSIC! AUTHENTIC! and FLAVORFUL!

Through years of home cooking, self-study, inspiration and not to forget tradition, I brought to realization those principles developed over many years.

As a child growing up in a traditional Italian family, “mom had dinner on the table every night” and it wasn’t just thrown together.  Dinner always had a plan.  Dinner was planned the same whether it was for one person or one hundred people.  Seems Italians take a sense of pride in cooking…kind of like a trademark to their name.  So, it doesn’t surprise me that family loved coming over for Christmas and Thanksgiving dinners.  I often thought of covering my ears if I heard one more time “your sauce is so good”, “your sauce is the best I’ve ever had”, “do you have any sauce I can take home?”  There were no left-overs in our house because everyone left with food at the end of the night.

I was fortunate enough to have that conversation with mom as I got older.  Just exactly what made her cooking, her sauce, the best.  Well, it won’t surprise you what the first ingredient was.  “LOVE”!

Sound too cliché?  Maybe.  But the difference is…mom meant it! You could see it in her spirit of cooking.  She went on to tell me her other ingredients but couldn’t tell me the amounts because “I do it by taste and after so many times it just comes natural.”

So, the first lesson I learned…cooking isn’t by recipe or measuring but cook for the flavor…The TASTE!

We aren’t afraid to step out of the box and put a twist on some of our dishes…after all, we’re after the flavor…the TASTE!

Italian food is second to none… (of course I’m a little biased).  In keeping with that tradition…that tradition of taste and AUTHENTICITY must be maintained throughout the entire cooking process.  You’ll find authenticity in our cooking by using top ingredients that work well together…that complement each other to produce that desired result…TASTE!

On my first visit to Italy at 8 years old, I honestly believe that’s what left an impression on me!  We went to visit family (to meet my family) and it was very late when we arrived in Rome.  The ride to grandma’s house wasn’t unbearably long but nevertheless took a while (130 miles) which means we got there even later…I mean a time when everyone should have been asleep.  When we walked in, the room was lit, full of people, two large banquet tables WITH food on them…just waiting for us!

At daylight, we saw the country at its best…the scenery, the people, the towns, the landscape…beautiful landscape.  That was quite an impression.  However, that was NOT the impression that turned to inspiration…  Let’s go back to when I walked into the house that late night!  Seeing family all together along with the smile on grandma’s face…there’s the inspiration…she really cooked WITH LOVE!